L o a d i n g
Our Story

The name "Appè Latte" comes from two of our favorite past times: building beautiful mobile apps and great coffee! We specialize in the development of native iOS and Android apps, UI/UX design and offer a consultancy service for your mobile platforms.

Our passion speaks through our work, as we are fiercely devoted to delivering a high standard of work every time and we have every intention of surpassing our client's requirements.

Our Services

With Appè Latte, you can be confident that you will receive the attention you deserve, providing you with a service that will leave a positive lasting impact. Let us help you turn your vision into a reality and take your business to the next level!

Mobile App Development

Development of iOS and Android mobile apps.

UI / UX Design

Design and prototyping of functional and user-focussed mobile apps.

Data Analytics

Using the latest analytics tools to provide you with tangible, useful data.

We offer a complete solution for your mobile and web development needs!

Well-structured Mobile Apps

Appè Latte specializes in native iOS and Android app development. Our apps perform optimally and showcase the full potential of each platform. Our team prioritizes both performance and aesthetic design.

UI / UX for optimal functionality

Not yet ready to have your app built or you simply want a product concept to take to your investor pitch? Then why not use our UI/UX design service where we can take your idea and craft it into beautiful and visually appealing mock that will help in showing your investor what your concept will look like. These are all designed in Adobe XD and Sketch.

Comprehensive Analytics

Our comprehensive analytics services for businesses, help gather data and insights about customers, their behavior and interaction with their apps / services. This information informs strategic decisions, drives growth and optimizes marketing campaigns. Our analytics cover a range of metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, customer engagement and more. With our services, businesses can make informed decisions and achieve desired outcomes.

Got an idea for app? Let’s get to work.